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Kayak Tour in Benagil

Quick Details

Adulto 10+

Embark on an Epic Adventure to the Benagil Caves: Kayaks and Speedboats Unite!

Join us on this 2-hour and 30-minute journey, revealing the hidden wonders of Benagil and Marinha’s Beach most stunning caves. This expedition requires no prior experience, just a thirst for exploration!

Our adventure begins in Portimão Marina aboard the sleek and swift “Ocean4fun” speedboat. Get ready for the thrill of the salty wind in your hair as we glide through the shimmering waters on a breathtaking, nearly 20 km long cruise!

As we approach the world-famous Benagil Cave, our speedboat anchors, allowing you to transition seamlessly from the speedboat to our small fleet of double kayaks. Safety is our priority. Rest assured, we provide life jackets for everyone and separate paddles to ensure a secure and enjoyable journey for all participants.

During the guided kayaking segment of the tour, you’re welcome to leave non-essential belongings aboard our boat, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without concerns about items getting wet. Our boat and its crew members are always close by, providing you the flexibility to return at any time should you feel uncomfortable or need assistance.

Our guide is on hand to assist during the whole tour, offering insights into the technical aspects and sharing fascinating tidbits about our stunning coastline. Brace yourself for an exploration beyond the ordinary. Our itinerary includes visits to several less known caves that are inaccessible to larger boats, giving an extra dimension to our expedition.

After the kayak excursion, hop back aboard the ‘Ocean4fun’ for some well-deserved relaxation during the return journey to Portimão Marina.

This experience is tailored for couples, groups of friends, solo explorers, and adventurous families with youngsters aged 10 and above, accompanied by adults. To prioritize the safety and comfort of all participants, we advise against participation for individuals with mobility limitations, significant prior injuries, spinal issues, families with smaller children and expecting mothers. We kindly encourage considering our catamaran cave tour as an alternative option for a more suitable and enjoyable experience.
We respectfully request participants to review our terms and conditions prior to engaging in the activity.